Constants and variables. Good and Evil. Apathy or Stoicism.


I’ve grown and changed quite a bit in the last two years. I’ve made some mistakes, who hasn’t, but we learn from falling down and how we handle our selves when we get back up.

A wise person once said, the only thing we can offer this world is our mind.  I sometimes struggle to get my thoughts out in a proper fashion. I’m going to start branching out and trying things I either didn’t think possible before, or didn’t feel like I was ready for.

There’s no time like TODAY.
I have found it incredibly easy to find excuses as to why I cannot do things that I claim to truly want in my life. I’ve been slowly changing that. Change is hard. Its a core component of the human condition, change being hard. But I’m learning to adjust.

Coming to grips with Death is something I haven’t ever faced. I’ve literally lived almost completely sheltered from it, and when it has come knocking to family, or friends, I do a little emotional U-turn and look the other way.  Having been in a fairly serious accident over a year ago, and finally back up on my feet was the closest brush I’ve had. The day Chester Bennington left us my Uncle was in an accident that put him in the hospital and made that day even more compounded with emotion. (My uncle is now home and doing very good so far!)

I’ve spent large portions of my life stuck in my head. I finally feel clear headed, on the path to whatever it is I decide to do with my time here. I’m going to take you for the ride, the ride of my life.

Linkin Park is probably my favorite band. The first secular CD I ever got my hands on was Hybrid Theory and like most teens from my generation I listened to it and Meteora, and Reanimation and Live in Texas religiously as a youngster.

Their Concert last night was fairly special. I don’t really want to go on, but I’ll end it here.

#MakeChesterProud #CelebrateLife #FuckDepression

So I say, First Death, then Life.

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