I can assert that I believe in Luck as much as I believe in Air.
I feel that it is one of the hardest things to quantify.
I used to think I had it.
I still do.
I also believe I made my own luck for a while.
That’s not luck that’s Karma.
You get out of life what you put in to life.
Garbage in, Garbage out.
Hard work and effort in, some might attribute your success to Luck.

I’m upset at parts of my past, but I’m learning to live with No Regrets and I’m doing well. I believe in Luck to the regard that I believe I am lucky to have been Born in America, Born White (whatever that means ha), and lucky to not be born with any major debilitating illnesses or genetic defects (that I know of ha).

I’m happy. I’m a masochist.┬áSo I’m ready for it all to come crashing down in front of me.
But I’m going to enjoy this ride at the top while I feel like I’m being treated well by the Karma of my life.

I believe luck ends once one understands the environment that they are in and when one reaches ‘enlightenment’.

But again these are just my opinions!

Posted by IchibanDeath

Who doesn't hate writing their about me? White male from the Northwest of the USA, sharing my perspective on this ball we all share.

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