I find myself at a loss for words.

But that usually doesn’t last long.

So I’ll TRY to be brief.

It feels like my soul is in pain when I have to argue with people who I believe are suffering from a blind belief bias and confirmation bias.

Lots of declinism in our baby-boomer generation and that can lead to a lot of backfire effect taking place.

I’m not trying to speak in tongues so if you’re having trouble following along you should check out two of my favorite websites in the whole wide world Internet.


We were pioneers of technology. We have been for over 200 years. The fact that it is falling apart in front of me is the scariest shit I’ve seen in my life. The American people I know will not let this stand. I’m glad the economy is still functioning..

But do we still have a voice?

Can you still get to my website?

In 2 years? 5? What happens if we can never overturn this closed-door action that was taken against the behest of the majority of americans and public officials (at least from where I’m sitting!)

I entertain thoughts of a literal Skynet taking place in our lifetime… and we lose the ideals the internet was built on because of this fuckface AJIT PAI.

I’m sick of arguing with people who can’t maintain some decency in exchanging ideas.

I am one of those people. I can struggle to maintain decency in arguments or events when it involves people of fierce ideology that is differing from my own.

I am trying to change this. I respect people’s well thought out ideas or opinions, even if they differ from my closely held ideals.

But if you can’t defend your place, dont purport your opinions to others.

I write this in a weird state of mind and I’m looking forward to curling up with a book.

‘Twas an interesting day. To say the least.

Hope you all stayed positive. I tried my best!

I wrote this as I got to Talinda Bennington speech at the @ChesterBe Concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

I don’t have words, or the need to type out lyrics for you.

Have a good 2018. I’ll be there with ya. Fighting the Good Fight.

#FuckDepression #MakeChesterProud


What is the most important thing you can be doing for your self TODAY/TOMORROW, and why aren’t you doing it?

Posted by IchibanDeath

Who doesn't hate writing their about me? White male from the Northwest of the USA, sharing my perspective on this ball we all share.

One Comment

  1. You know me….. I don’t want either corporations OR government in ANY of my business!!!! Not in my internet, my ideology, my family, my faith, my education, my work, my shopping, or my bedroom!!! They can run the military and the parks. Let mans own greed rule his own life….. we don’t need anyone else help to make that worse than it already is…. (hehe)



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