I’ve held many hats over the years. So because of that sorry for the length.
Perspective can be hard to share.
Maybe the toughest thing to communicate.

I currently am a PC tech.

I think I love it.

Simon Sinek has said Passion is not an actionable word. Where does passion come from? Passion is a result, it’s an energy. It’s a feeling you get when you’re engaged in something you love. ❤

“You’d probably do THIS for free, and you can’t believe anybody pays you to do it”

I’m just as excited currently to go to work, as I am to do nightly activities with friends.

Perhaps I’ve found my passion.

I’ll often talk about my favorite things here.
It’s my website. That’s the point right?
Hopefully you might adopt some of my favorite thing.
Basic meme-ology right?

Right now I’m just speaking from the heart. I’d love to talk about more complex subjects or really hone my ‘blog writing skills’ and the content I’m putting out.

I’ll be honest, I don’t even 100% like my site. I’m learning as I go.  Riding life by the seat of my pants. Excited to be doing it like this..

Just like having many hats over the years, different friends have given me different nicknames. I haven’t been as kind or generous in doling them out to Friends.

Kersh is a good dude.

Roommates in the suburbs called me Newegg for a while, because in this group of friends I would always have whatever wire or PC accessory they would usually ask for.

I’m kinda a technocrat. An early adopter for sure.

I don’t ever want to ARGUE about technology with anyone.

There are facts.
There is also a LOT of misinformation.

About any given subject.


I’m kinda a weirdo when it comes to patch notes and FAQ’s.

Their’s is top-notch. Give it a read some time.

But in the meantime just take my word for it.

Download the app.

Say Hi!

It is my favorite encryption app by FAR.

It’s probably my favorite app by a large margin.

It’s just..

What communication should be.

Where else could you get 30,000 people together?

For science!


I almost enjoy reading their patch notes more than game patch notes.

I’m weird.

I’m excited to try out a new website builder as I keep playing with mine. If I do something here you like, let me know. Something you don’t like or my site hurts your eyes?! Let me know!

Remember that its a slightly different experience whether you read in my content in email, computer, phone or tablet! If you’re reading, (anything not just my site) I’m happy!

I was going to say I’m taking a Long Weekend!
Leave me be!
But that doesnt sound like much fun.
I’ll likely stream or work on my website to help a friend, and spend much needed time on myself.
Still helping the friend, and I have alot to do, but I’ll Likely keep running my suck.


#FuckDepression #MakeChesterPround

When it comes to laziness I’m Drawing a line in the sands of my soul.

If any of this was hard to follow I had a long night….

C’est la vie.

Posted by IchibanDeath

Who doesn't hate writing their about me? White male from the Northwest of the USA, sharing my perspective on this ball we all share.

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