Many people in my generation are fans of Linkin Park. Listening to their music always brings on waves of all kinds of emotions especially as they matured over the years. I’m glad that they helped forge the eclectic music tastes I have now.

I’d like to ask for a bit of audience participation as we head into the New Year.

What is your favorite Linkin Park album?

Or song?

Or Memory?

Or all of the above?

Please share!

Take your time to think about it, but please come back and share. I’ll leave mine below shortly.

For those of you that have not seen the 3 hour Hollywood Bowl concert back in October, you really should watch it. Or check out this CD. Their Live albums always were special. One More Light Live


Posted by IchibanDeath

Who doesn't hate writing their about me? White male from the Northwest of the USA, sharing my perspective on this ball we all share.


  1. Favorite song: The Messenger
    Favorite album: Meteora
    Favorite memory: waaaay to many.
    From countless hours of WoW to printing off lyrics in the first grade to seeing them love in concert with the Bro!
    RIP CB

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  2. My favorite song has to be My December. While both versions are amazing on different days/moods, I’d have to say I prefer the Reanimation recording. The electric feel fits the mood and overall vibe on the song. I remember listening to it on repeat back in high school, both on the worst and best of days. I liked Hybrid Theory but when they released Reanimation I realized they could branch their sound even further, which eventually brought us to the more mature band we knew it recent years.

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    1. My December is amazing, I have a very special place in my heart for Reanimation. My favorite song on that album would be Frgt/10.



  3. Favorite album? A thousand suns.
    Favorite song? Leave out all the rest.
    Favorite memory? 2012, my first time seeing Linkin Park in concert, Tacoma Dome. First in line, first concert goer into the dome. Waited a mere 8 hours in line. But being the first one getting my ticket scanned and running into the empty pit, that feeling was indescribable. I almost stopped in awe, but quickly ran to the center of the barricade. That’s where it all really started for me. My love for Linkin Park just exploded from then on…

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  4. Favorite album has to be Hybrid Theory. First album I ever purchased.
    I love ‘A Place for my Head’ .. obviously ‘In the End’..’One Step Closer’… They are all good!

    Much ❤ for My December too

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  5. My favorite memory of Linkin Park was the hardest for me to choose. So I didn’t. I’ll make more. Watching their 3 hour YouTube concert still brings me to tears, yet motivates the hell out of me.

    I’d love to agree with Brandon, Hybrid Theory was also my first album, (other than WoW cds.. dont ask) and I love that type of music. But for album I’m going to have to go with A Thousand Suns. I love every song on that album. I personally think it is Linkin Park’s Wisdom, Justice, and Love..

    My favorite song is something I can’t quite quantify. Them being my favorite band and all. (Don’t tell Chino Moreno)

    So with out much ado, my top 3 songs, are Good Goodbye, Bleed it Out, and The Catalyst.

    Good Goodbye breaks my heart because I didnt give their new CD enough of a chance when it was out before Chester left. As it does it reminds me to never give up.
    Bleed it out is my favorite motivational song and has been for a long time. I loved it live and it will always get me up and at ’em.
    The Catalyst is what I think we as a society/population need. It mostly makes me want to take an actual Vacation.



  6. Favorite Album: Probably Meteora.
    Favorite Song: Way too many to choose from, but Shadow of the Day might be at the top.

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