About 5 or 6 months ago, I asked a very good friend of mine if they would be interested in starting a podcast with me. I had heard of an app (which apparently is iOS only) called Read Across the Aisle, (an app that helps you break your filter bias, showing you articles from both sides of the political aisle) and my friend held very different views than I did about life, and all therein.

He gave me a non-answer, which signaled to me he wasn’t really interested. Somehow, without him, I found the courage to start one. Somehow that person is no longer a friend. One episode in and I’m already a little lonely. Ha! So I’m looking for a co-host or guests! Just like this website, I’m trying to share my perspective and hopefully start to help influence social change. I have grandiose expectations, but so did Aaron Swartz

For the longest time, I’ve said continuing education(ie: college) isn’t for me. Perhaps I was right, but today for the first time in a long time, I was considering going back to College to get a degree in Philosophy..

I’m feeling a little behind in life right now. I don’t like admitting that, but due to things outside my control, I’m not feeling as ready for the New Year as I was a month ago, or 3 months ago.

I’ll be making changes to the site (and my LIFE, who’s with me?!), and asking more people to put their content or thoughts on IchibanDeath. Going forward you wont be forced to only listen to my wild thoughts here!

Thanks for visiting!

It truly means a lot!

Cya in 2018!

Oh and If you haven’t checked out WordPorn on Youtube you REALLY owe it to your self. Yes, I could link it. No, I’m not going to. It’s not hard to type wordporn in to Youtube.

I will end with this. I loved saying this when I first watched the Aaron Swartz documentary I linked above. Now it’s a little more relevant in my life.

Unjust laws exist;

shall we be content to obey them,
or shall we endeavor to amend them,
and obey them until we have succeeded,

or shall we transgress them at once?


Henry David Thoreau

Posted by IchibanDeath

Who doesn't hate writing their about me? White male from the Northwest of the USA, sharing my perspective on this ball we all share.

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