Genre: Glitch, IDM, Industrial, Electronica

The Glitch Mob is the group that first got me into electronic music in a big way. Before discovering them, I’d heard all the trance songs that everyone knows like Sandstorm and Kernkraft 400, but hadn’t explored the genre (or its million and a half subgenres) extensively. When I was introduced to The Glitch Mob, I finally found an electronic act I could listen to repeatedly without growing tired, as well as a perfect gateway to the world of electronic music.

Drink The Sea (2010)

As the title of one of the album’s best tracks (Drive It Like You Stole Itimplies, The Glitch Mob makes music that’s nothing short of flawless for driving. If you’re looking for an album that twists and flows like a winding road through an entire landscape of sonic hills and valleys, look no further than Drink the Sea. No song on this album is shorter than 5 minutes; edIT, Ooah, and Boreta are keen to take their time with the music they’re creating, meticulously but effortlessly taking us through each track with purpose and precision. Every song feels fully developed, not hurriedly thrown together, as so many in this genre do. When describing them to one of my metalhead friends, I told him, “The Glitch Mob is to Electronica what Tool is to Metal.”

Highlights on this album include Animus VoxBetween Two Points, and the aforementioned Drive It Like You Stole It.

This is road-trip electronic music at its finest. Drink up.


Love, Death, Immortality (2014)

With their sophomore album, The Glitch Mob retained the finest elements of their craft while also reinventing themselves to a certain degree. Many of the songs here are notably shorter, mainly because they are more aggressive and hard-hitting, rather than rushed. These songs would feel too long if extended beyond the 5 or 6 minute mark, At times the album is a bit too “bro-step” for my taste, and a couple of the songs do feel a bit unoriginal. Skytoucher in particular begins with, “One, two, one two three, watch out!” Yeesh. If lyrics are going to be a rare feature of your songs, they should be better than that. However, the songs that are good are great, and more than make up for the album’s misfires.

Highlights include Skullclub, Can’t Kill Us, and Fly By Night Only.

If Drink The Sea is road-trip music, Love, Death, Immortality is race-day music.

Posted by JavaEdits93

My name's Jake. In 2017, I decided to get clean and sober and stop wasting my life. Since then, my main goal has been to get my shit together, keep it that way, and help others do the same.

One Comment

  1. Working on this blog post with you Jake has taught me all kinds of little things.

    First, it taught me that working with someone on something that you both appreciate fully, means eventually, a good finished product will show up!
    Anyone paying close attention would have seen my blunder this morning with this post launching a few hours before being edited. (imagine the cooperation levels that edIT, Ooah & Boreta have to work at)

    Second, it reminded me that even though we can be passionate about things, patience is key. This music helps me when I have somehow lost my motivation or drive to accomplish a task. The Glitch Mob for me is Liquid Motivation!

    Third, it reminded me that even though I might be proud of my lexicon, I don’t always have the best way of putting words together for the best possible outcome. Thanks for being my editor Jake!

    Lastly, I learned that even though I thought I followed everyone on twitter I cared about. I found edIT, Ooah, and Boreta on twitter. and I learned what Ikigai is.

    Excited for next weeks post on Puscifer!



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