This #MusicMonday on IchibanDeath we’re treating you to two articles to make up for the Monday we missed!

Jakes article is right here, He talks about MJK and Tool as well as Puscifer’s Discography!

One of the reasons people seem to love Maynard James Keenan (and Tool) is that the music he produces itself is spiritual. It is an experience. You can go on a ‘trip’ without taking any drugs, just listening to their albums (Tool specifically). I equally love A Perfect Circle, Tool, and Puscifer. But I’m going to say it here; I think Puscifer is better than Tool, even if only marginally so. Tool has more of a corner on the market in terms of a metal spiritual experience. But Puscifer takes that idea of spiritual music and tries to make it more, P.C. dare I say? Perhaps I shouldn’t be making such claims without having the honor of having seen any of these bands live. Definitely goals of mine! Hell, it’s hard for me to write an article about a band I consider in my personal top 5 of ‘rock’ bands, having never seen them live. It’s hard to quantify why I think Puscifer is better, perhaps because it is a little lighter, less heavy rock. Is it possible that I’m growing out of the heavy metal phase of my youth? Damn it, I’m getting old Ha!

The reason I’m writing about Money $hot, and leaving the rest of their discography to Jake, is it is an album I honestly don’t think I can tire of. I’ve been listening to it since it came out in 2015, and every single time I come back to it, I listen to the whole album on repeat, and usually never shuffled. There isn’t really an album out there that I have repeatedly come back to this often and continued to listen to start to finish. Other than perhaps Hybrid Theory or Meteora. This album is I feel a crowning achievement of their work as artists, and anyone who likes Tool who hasn’t given Puscifer a chance; My article here is to beg you to give them a try!

The album starts off with Galileo, a nod to science and a haunting reminder that heretics of the past were the ones to look past the guise of the times that they lived in. It reminds me of something a close friend said to me recently. He asked me if I had been born in an earlier generation what I think would have happened to me.

I’d be in a fucking institution! For Science! Ha!

Straight in to Agostina, it turns up the intensity. Agostina used to be my favorite song on the album. I don’t believe in free will as a construct, but this song speaks about the stars aligning. I don’t think I’ll ever get married, but if I do, Agostina will be played at the reception for sure. It is a hauntingly beautiful song. The third track Grand Canyon is a bit slower and peaceful. Reminding me of the absurdity of life. All we can do is witness the majesty of it all. It reminds me that we’re all connected, whether we like it or not!


My favorite song off the album currently is Simultaneous. The intro seems a bit weird this first listen with Maynard explaining in spoken word an encounter he had at a music festival with an interesting individual.

“Basically a haven for the misunderstood punk-y, rock-y, goth-y, ‘woe is me’ types”

I love that term; “woe is me” I strongly identified with that type of person. I spent way too much of my life living a “woe is me” lifestyle. I’m glad that I’m now over that sentiment, that outlook on life. The spoken word ends with a phrase I love, one that makes you think: “We will never know world peace, until three people can simultaneously look each other straight in the eye”

It then quickly shifts back and forth between apocalyptic scenarios, and positivity. The sentiment seems to be that if we can learn to work together, we as people can weather the storm. Very much reminds me of a couple Linkin Park songs.

The titular Money Shot is the fastest paced, hardest song on the album. Without going into much detail, it’s a song about capitalism in my humble opinion.

The Arsonist to me describes people who instead of trying to build bridges of cooperation, they want to sow discord and divisiveness. “What’s the matter, Beavis?” I don’t always do the best at maintaining friendships, but I hardly ever walk away from them without at least trying to find common ground. The experiences we all have is all we have. I’m only scared of heights and open bodies of water, and people. People can be callous.

I do my best to not burn bridges.

The Remedy is the second hardest song on the album, but it hits the hardest. “The remedy is getting smacked in the fucking mouth. Bitches receive stitches, Trolls 86’s!” I’ll let you listen to it to see why I like it so much! I love a song that has the word condescending in it! Ha!

Smoke and Mirrors hits close to home. It’s topical, its very much about the people who wear facades and just try to get one over on everyone else. Its hauntingly melodic and peaceful even if the subject isn’t.

The Life of Brian (apparently you haven’t seen) reminds me that we can all become obsessed with things, or with ideas. It seems to speak directly to me. It’s line “Have a lovely life in your chosen hell” is how I’ve felt over a majority of the last 10+ years of my past. As I got older as an adult, and I controlled more of my life, I allowed myself to get bitter about things that I couldn’t control, creating my own hell. We are each responsible for our own happiness. Now there are only two times in my life that I look back and call them hell on earth. One lasted four days, and it was worse than the other time which was 3 months of personal growth that was tough.

I hear this song now and it is uplifting. It reminds me that when people dont respond the way I would expect them to, to me or to other stimuli, that they have their own expectations, goals and perspective. Now when I hear the line about hell I just chuckle thinking about others stuck in a rut.

The album ends on Autumn, probably my least favorite season. It is a song about never giving up, doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. It’s the calm before the storm. It’s the reminder, Winter is coming! It is positive, because as much as cold, and decay are coming; It reminds the listener that the only thing we all share is we all shall perish, but until that day we won’t be giving up the fight.

Soon I’ll follow Prudence home
Until then, Just let me chase the sun

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