It can hard for me to act like an authority on any subject. I’m always sure there is someone who is more knowledgeable about a subject than me in the room.

I remember most of my life being the quiet person in almost any group, usually nothing much to say. Just observing. Learning.

Biding my time.

I’ve spent my time being wet behind the ears, in regards to life. Usually on purpose. I usually know how to do something, or like most humans figure it out along the way. Human life requires a lot of assumptions on a day to day basis to get by! I would much rather watch someone else do a task or speak about a subject and see how it works out for them, and learn from their perspective.

I’ve spent the last year or more binging on motivational videos, life perspectives that are not mine. So I may be wrong; my advice might be off in relation to your life. But this is how I have been rewiring my brain to set myself up for success. I hope you find ONE thing in here that helps you, or that you can use small pieces of each in your daily life. Hint: Making lists (like this top five ha!), writing things down, even the simplistic checkbox so you can check something off a to-do list can do wonders for your emotional well-being.

1)  Prepare.

I didn’t spend much time in the Boy Scouts of America; I never had a home troop. Summer camps and jamborees with my cousin were amazingly fun! My time in the BSA taught me one thing and one thing very well; Be Prepared. Now I said they taught me well. That doesn’t mean I apply it well.  I’m a classic over thinker. But I can also be perpetually lazy (any of this sound a bit familiar?).

If you do little things to take care of future you; setting your clothes out for the next day, fresh coffee in the coffee maker the night before, full gas tank the night before a trip etc, you will be much more at peace in the moment. It seems like something so small, but if you do little things to set yourself up for your future self it is such a small step that proves that YOU love the future YOU.

This is hard personally, which is why it is number one. It’s easy to preach, but I’m also getting better at living my life by the seat of my pants and that is what is bringing me true happiness.

Being ready for anything life throws your way at all times is hard. But the more you set yourself up for success, the better riding life by the seat of your pants seems to be! 

2) Maintain Sovereignty

Not just in your life, but in your head-space. I’m actively sick of reading articles or having people tell me, that our smartphones are controlling us, especially us millennial’s.

I’m a technocrat. I’ve said it before. But unlike these average smartphone users, these articles are based on, I grew up wanting a palm pilot. Just like most of you, my teachers told me we wouldn’t have a calculator everywhere I went. HA!

I do at times agree with the sentiment, that phones can control our lives. (Only if you let them though) Phones give us a bump of dopamine. The problem most people seem to have is maintaining their own control over their lives, their emotions, their perspective.

Come up with a trick, mental or otherwise, that allows you to disregard things (not just your phone) that you don’t have the time for. I’ve set up a notification tone that I’ve just learned to ignore almost completely.

My trick for maintaining my sovereignty during the formative parts of my day is I don’t touch my phone in the morning until I am ready to go to work. Yes, it’s my alarm, but I turn my alarm off on my watch. I do my best to not touch my phone for an hour before I go to sleep either. I don’t want my perspective being controlled by other people or things going on in the world.

3) Positivity in your Perspective.

Someone asked me who my hero or Idol of 2017 was. I almost didn’t need to think. If we’re not awarding this posthumously, it is definitely @GaryVee. He is FULL of positivity, motivation and forward thinking. Gary’s motivation comes from the fact he wants to BUY the NY Jets!

If I have forwarded you some of his Instagram stories, you might understand. If you don’t follow him on Instagram, you’re missing FREE POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE. Some of us may not need it, some of us tend to be perpetually positive. Until recently that was not me. It can be hard to take positivity at face value if you aren’t ready to hear it.

I have 0 complaints. Oh, I could complain. But it gets me NOWHERE. Once I learned to be grateful that I was even alive, my perspective changed completely.

Once you start to have gratitude for the day to day, it is hard for the little things in life to get you down.

4) Rationalize your fears.

Excluding people, the only things I fear in life I’m prepared to conquer. I’m scared about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and going Skydiving. I’m also scared of large open bodies of water. I know that on the other side of these fears are some of the best things I have yet to experience.

I WILL, at some point, jump out of a perfectly good airplane with a functioning parachute. After that, I would love to go hang gliding, and possibly fly a helicopter (if I can ever afford training time)!

Water? I’d like to start with scuba diving off of Hawaii or somewhere similar, but I’m worried I’ll get stuck on the island and never come back! Ha!

I think it would be cool to swim among schools of fish, but I do think I’m more scared of open bodies of water than free falling with a chute.

Again all fairly irrational fear.

Fear is a mind killer, and if you don’t identify your fears, you’re going to spend a lot of time stuck in life. The best parts of life are just past the FEAR.

You are the only one who can identify and tackle your fears! Coming to grips with who we are as people is the most important thing we can do in our lives. I believe in you!

5) Patience

This is the hardest thing for me to write about of the 5. I’ve said it before I know that things I don’t understand, and probably never will, are Time and Gravity.

I’m perpetually bad at the time. I tend to be late, or bored. I tend to be unprepared for waiting until the time is ripe to do something.

Learning that everything you do will take longer than you plan, is a good place to start. Things don’t just magically happen because we wish for them to. Effort has to be expended. You have to turn motivation in to drive to finish projects.

We are all our own worst critics. We cant beat ourselves up just because we miss judged how long something would take. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Life just happens. Get on to the next task when it fits your life schedule!

Being patient is one of the biggest keys to happiness in my humble opinion. Once you learn that it just doesn’t matter and to just be happy for the minor things in life, patience becomes easier!


Posted by IchibanDeath

Who doesn't hate writing their about me? White male from the Northwest of the USA, sharing my perspective on this ball we all share.

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