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I am wowed by NF, the only other Christian music group I have this much respect for is Demon Hunter. Nathan John Feuerstein shows us his ability to craft exceptional music over three recent studio albums, every year for the last three years, and all of it is thought-provoking with these back to back releases. His original album was released under his name back in 2014 after some issues with his original record deal, the rest released under NF. He has been working professionally as a rapper since 2010. His music evolves steadily over the three albums with well-crafted beats and hooks and melodies. I don’t write or talk about Rap often so bear with my non-technical review. He is putting his life on display and being real, but verbally violent, and it just tickles the brain, much like Eminem’s music is violent, but here, it is a clean violent.


“I grew up on Eminem, now look where the game’s at
Lame raps, Hollywood fame acts, I’m sick of the same trash”


This first project here on IchibanDeath is #MusicMondays; which is to foster discussion or just awareness of music that might not be known to you. I am a fairly eclectic music listener, yet I am trying to branch out more. Music is healing. I’m a gamer, and I also love nature, but of my senses, between vision and hearing I’m sure I’d rather lose vision. Music is just too important to me. Experiencing NF over the past few weeks have really reminded me of this simple truth, the power of music.

I’ve been listening to NF fairly heavily for more than 2 weeks, and I haven’t been looking forward to writing this because his music invokes so many emotions. It’s almost as hard to write as my post on Mike Shinoda’s Post Traumatic. His songs are as lyrically strong and tight as his verbal assaults are, but unlike Eminem, his music is clean. Both artists make you think, but NF’s music is wholesome; I’d tell my Mother to check out NF. On more than one occasion NF talks about Eminem in his music.  Eminem will be the gold standard of Rap for a lot of people for a long time. A true Rap God and everyone is trying to topple him.

The NF albums are stepping stones and they do work off of each other, and you get to see him grow as an artist. Of these three albums, I liked Therapy Session the most, because that is what Music is! Healing! There are a few of his lyrics that bug me; I grew up in a religious setting and am very much an Atheist now. As a whole he doesn’t harp on his beliefs or his opinions, and when he does he repeats that he is just doing him.  The spoken verse at the end of the Title Track of Therapy Session explains so much of his message.

I mean, I think sometimes people they confuse what I’m doing

I write about life, I write about things that I’m actually dealing with

Something that I’m actually experiencing, this is real for me

Like this is something that personally helps me as well

I’m not confused about who gave me the gift

God gave me the gift and he gave me the ability to do this

And he also gave me this as an outlet

And that’s what music is for me

When I feel something, whether it’s anger

Um, it’s a passion about something, or frustration

Like this is where I go, this is, that’s the whole NFrealmusic thing man

This is real for me, I need this, this is a therapy for me”


This is how I feel about my website, as well as my Twitch streaming. I’m just doing me and trying to have a good time doing it. I’m excited about the relationships that will grow and things I learn along the way. His album’s speak volumes about humanity. They seem to touch on all areas of life. I don’t really say this about many musicians, but I would love to meet Nathan. He is a strong human, and I’m very impressed.

He has many songs that get you motivated, and because I’m focusing myself on positivity I’m going to start with the songs that are going straight to my “Moto” Playlist. Grindin’ (feat. Marty) is very personal, but it makes you take the idea of what he is doing and internalize it. It is about failure and not letting your kids like bad music, Ha! All I do is very motivational, but down to earth. It’s a competitive song that helps you stay focused; The fight song of the Therapy Session. Green Lights off Perception hits me in a weird way. I’ve seen a lot of red lights in my life, and now that things are starting to work out for me, I can relate to green lights in my life.  His ability to bounce back and forth between sharing his experience and still making it relatable is what makes his music special.

Lost in the Moment (Feat. Andraes Moss) is about people changing, and losing people along the way. I would love to say that I’ve lived until now without giving up on anyone. But we all know that’s hard to do, not to mention others in our lives might not see it that way. It’s also about Nathan admitting he talks about a lot of dark stuff, and that with all the demons he shares in his music, he will have to deal with them. But there is nothing any of us can do but continue to trudge along. We need to remain strong and with our heads held high, remembering that this moment, or the next, could be our last.

The lyrics say “And I know we breathing but we not alive/Really, is this the way we wanna die?” I refuse to die like a coward. I refuse to live my life in any other way than seeing Green Lights ha!

That is what I want to leave you with today. I know we’re breathing, but are we really alive?

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