I’ve been on a little hiatus.

A breather.

A mind retreat.

Much of my life since November of ‘17 hasn’t gone according to plan. I think the saying goes, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

I’ve getting better at rolling with the punches of life, but more than a few of the recent ones life has been throwing are entirely new to me. It has led me to a few weird precipices in my life, and I was, from time to time, struggling to keep my head above water for more than the simple day to day activities. Change is the spice of life amirite?

We live in the Post-Modern. We live in the age of information; and simultaneously, we exist in the age of misinformation.  I’m very glad to be alive and experiencing what this world has to offer in such turbulent times. It can be difficult to traverse this landscape, even with the very best of friends at your side. There are many distractions, false information, and a metric ton of clickbait. We all have busy lives, and how we manage on the day to day with so much happening and affecting us, is a bit surprising to say the least.

I’ve personally never been super close with my family. I’ve generally shunned family activities, or reflexively avoided growing relationships with family members. I’ve learned over the past year or two that the people that you keep close to you are your family, even if you’re not related by blood. How people treat you when you’re going through major life changes is a great indicator of their sense of humanity and compassion. I’ve lost friends I never thought I would lose, and gained some I never thought I would.

In this time of fake news, clickbait, and an oversaturation of opinion articles, I find myself at a crossroads. I don’t usually like reading others’ opinion articles. I don’t spend much time going to other peoples’ blogs, although said time is slowly increasing. I’m trying to find my purpose or reason for attempting to share my opinions with a wider audience. Frankly, I’m sick of the shit-show of the politics in my country. I’m worried that even if I found time to articulate how broken our social landscape is, its not going to bring much awareness, or even change anything.

The internet was made to be decentralized. That’s how it was designed. We’ve gone and given all of our data to the big corporations and blindly signed away our freedom in relation to our own data because who reads the ToS anymore? Some of my gaming friends make fun of me for reading patch notes on video games that I play, but the average citizen doesn’t read any part of the ToS of any service that they use. I don’t want to write my thoughts or pictures on Facebook, or get your likes. I’d like to start to distance myself from things that are known to be addictive and socially damning. Yet in the same breath, I want to be an engaged socially active member of this great interwebz.


I’m trying to make new friends. To live my life differently than I have in the past. I want a real connection with people, but all that entails is actually carving a small chunk of time out of your life to connect with me. I don’t care how you interact with me, or if you do. Just know that I care about you, and I hope you care about some things too.


When you finish your article you’re supposed to have a closing statement. My life is a hiatus, a gap, an abnormality. This site will be nothing more than an abnormality. I’m glad you’re here for the ride. I’m having a blast.

Posted by IchibanDeath

Who doesn't hate writing their about me? White male from the Northwest of the USA, sharing my perspective on this ball we all share.


  1. So I have ask….where do you find your solace?

    Liked by 1 person


    1. I tend to find my solace in friends who are there for me when the going gets rough!



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