I’m now a Twitch Affiliate! Now as in like 3 months ago, but I’ve been busy, and staying on top of my own mental health has taken priority over streaming all my video games! I have way too much baggage from 2017 following me into this year, and almost all of it is well outside of my control!

I also learned that writing is hard, at least for the things I want to write about. I’ve learned I didn’t like the deadlines I was giving my self, and I haven’t written things in ‘essay’ format in WAY too long! I’m also much more of a content consumer than a content creator.

So I’m stepping back to try to reevaluate how I want my site to look and function. I’ll be zeroing in on working more on my twitch and trying to be a regular over there. Stop by and Say Hi!

I’ll mostly be focusing my streaming on lunchtime shenanigans on random games I feel like playing from Noon to 1pm PST, and weekend gaming after I’m done with an upcoming move.

If you have any games you’d like to watch me play, let me know below and I’ll see if I can grant y our wish!